Jefferson & Grace: "You found me. I knew you would."


telling your friend a pun like 


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Anonymous said:
*bursts into room* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I LOVE YOU *bursts out of room*

*bursts into room* THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU KIND ANON *stays in room because i’m technically homeless*

the heart, the mind, and the soul


stucky hs au where steve is this little asshole who can’t keep his mouth shut and constantly gets into fights so no one talks to him but bucky is so smitten with him that he adopts this badboy ~persona to get closer to him because he thinks that’s how steve is

but it all comes crashing down when steve pops up at his house to see if bucky wants to hang out and a horrified bucky is having a family game night with his parents and three little sisters who absolutely and vocally DOTE on him

Oh Henry
The Civil Wars
921 plays


fics where they both think it’s unrequited pining